Get to Know Us

Our History

  • The Beginning - 2006

    In 2006 was when the initial concept of an online business, an online personal development information service called Activate Your Success E-Zine was launched and later named AYS Online with over 200 monthly subscribers globally. The platform was launched from our dorm room in school.
  • The Startup -2009

    The business was later registered in 2009 as AYS Enterprises specializing in Digital Consulting services such as Web Design, Branding and Digital Marketing. We happily served small scale businesses. :)
  • The Restructuring - 2013

    In early 2013, the company name was changed and it was re-incorporated as Hynstein Nigeria Limited (Registered Company Number 1116817) . Since 2013, Hynstein has been serving its dedicated clients in various capacities as an IT Consulting Service Company. We have been delivering quality services in Web Design & Development, Enterprise Software Implementation, E-Commerce Development, Digital Marketing and IT Outsourcing. We have served mid-sized to large scale companies that span across various industries such as; Real Estate, Legal, Finance, Hospitality, Technology, Media, Retail, Education and Health and many more.

Our People

At Hynstein, we share a common mindset - Value.

We are a team of young, energetic, enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial professionals with an undying passion to solve the growing problems in the world today. With a one-solution-at-a-time approach, we are just at the beginning of our great journey.

Our backgrounds range from STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to Business, Computing, Management and Media.

As a family, we share a collaborative culture of love, diversity, unity and freedom and we have a lot of fun too! ;)

Our Mission & Values

We see ourselves as one of the leading innovative technology companies in Africa that will help small, medium and large-scale businesses achieve maximum efficiency.

We are commited to serve as a platform to empower and support young people with the latest technology & digital skills to get jobs and reduce unemployment.

We are striving towards developing innovative tech-driven solutions that will solve growing problems in our society.

Our goal is to cut across various industries and sectors thereby automating and improving their respective processes.

Our Core Values are built around Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Innovation & Global Relevance.

Work with us

Having said it all, we can't over-emphasize how eager we are to work with you and add tremendous value to your business or project. Feel free to reach out to us Via Email

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